Workshop #8 on Finalization of tender documentation

Introduction session
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Müller – Academic organization of TUDO
Dr. Norbert Jesse – Administration and organizational structure of TUDO
Jan Philipp Muller - Student Services at TU Dortmund University
Session 2: organizational aspects for university management software solutions
Peter Müßig-Trapp - Campus Management with HISinONE
Dr. Gero Presser - Organising Business: A Swiss army knife of portal systems
Session 3: IT solutions and implementations experience
Christof Veltmann - Campus Management at TU Dortmund University
Nils Joachim Bauer - Challenges in Implementing Campus Management Systems
Session 4: Open source solutions and experiences
Manfred Postel - Open Source Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Tools
Dr-Ing. Thomas Biskup - Web standards compliance out of the box
Project management team meeting