Project management consists of the following structure: Project Management Team (PMT) and Steering Committee (SC). Project Management Team (PMT) is the executive body in the management that manages all project activities. Steering committee will have decision making role and approve actions to fulfil project objectives. One representative from each partners is member of the PMT, usually the person appointed from the university to realize the project. The member of the SC is usually rector, vice-rector, dean or pro dean for international cooperation.

Innovations and knowledge management are also used in this workpackage, especially in enabling communication and collaboration tools by sophisticated technology, known as knowledge networks, and other IT supported communication channels like Skype.

The first delivery addresses schedule and management of project activities. It specifies PMT coordination meetings in order to plan and organize all relevant activities to reach the project outcomes. 3 coordination meetings will be organized for discussion about activities schedule, analysis of problems and detailed plan. The first is the kick-off meeting and the other two are annual meetings at the end of first and second year. We plan to use social networks and other collaboration tools in addition to scheduled 20 Skype meetings (one per month) to address the management issues.

The main decisions will be made on 4 SC meetings (scheduled each 6 months). PMT will report about project progress in order to make sufficient info for decisions. SC makes decisions for further actions to enable successful project deliveries and matching performance indicators.

The final delivery concerns reporting (includes specification about performed activities, realization of project plan, identification of problems and obstacles that provokes delays, analysis of possible solutions to reach deadlines, matching performance indicators, quality control audits, and external reviews).