Project Description


The latest measurement of sophistication of eGovernment services in Macedonia and its comparison to EU countries has shown that the level of sophistication of student enrolment benchmark in Macedonia is estimated to value 1, while most of the EU countries have reached values of 5 (maximum value). This means that about student enrolment there is only information on the web, there is no form downloading, there is no possibility to fill and submit the form, no possibility to realize complete transaction and no possibility for pro-active and customized solution.

This project aims to modernize the capacity, management and governance of higher education institutions. It fits in University development strategies and is ranked with highest priority. It is also supported by Ministry of Education, offering possibility to access reports about students and university at all should be realized as interoperable solution.

This project sets the student to be the center of the education system. It is the reason for existence of university, although now the treatment is opposite, the administration and professors are in the center and students are queuing, and waiting for services with a lot of paperwork and huge delays. This system will enable to set the student in the heart of the system and to avoid all unnecessary issues and concentrate on studying and results.

The goal is to develop design for new eStudent system - University management and services for students. The system will be accessed by web and be realized with service oriented technology. It will allow information how to access and use the system through web, then form download, form filling and submission, realization of complete transactions, then pro-active functions and customization for students.

The benefits of this activity are transparency and equal treatment of all users, without addressing any multicultural or multilingual problems. It will allow reductions in paperwork, administration overhead operations, transaction time; and enable easier, equal and transparent access to higher education.

The methodology will focus on all relevant aspects of the project and will specify all activities necessary to realize outcomes and meet the project objective. Short description of the activities and inputs to achieve these outcomes and objectives is given below.

Specific Objectives
Specific objectives are to develop design and enable conditions for realization of eStudent Information System for

·         enrolment process,

·         identity management, with authorisation and access control,

·         management of university services and resources usage (accounting),

·         administration of europassCV, ECTS, diploma supplement and other certification issuing

·         administration of student activities,

·         administration of registration and schedules of classes and assignments,

·         administration of academic results, including course, exam and study results.

With this project we would like to change the existing University organization as a set of independent faculties towards integrated University unity that exists in EU universities and recommended by Bologna declaration for EHEI.

This project will start with the “business activities” workflow reorganization in order to implement ICT based workflow management. The benefit of this process will be to build transparent access of all workflow activities at University constituent parts and make them available at University administration level. This will help promotion of the idea for integrated University and will help easier transfer of Faculty administrative workflow towards University administration.

The second specific objective of this project is transparent and easy access document exchange between University and its constituent parts. It will be achieved by building a centralized system for document management. The third specific objective of this project is active usage of the system and its dissemination to the other constituent parts.

The proposed web based systems will solve the mentioned problems of integration of University constituent parts. This process should start smoothly by reaching the objectives of this process, i.e. by transferring the administrative issues of constituent organizations towards University administration. This will promote the idea of integrated University and definitely will help and speedup its realization.

Working Methodology and Processes

Workpackages 1 and 2 address Student Information System by keeping and administering records and personal files for students; Assessment and certification issues for the Student Information System. It will be realized by a three step activity: 1) best practices presentation, 2) requirements specification and 3) system design. The EU partners will have the role to present the solutions within their universities, and the MK partners should have the role to specify requirements and realize system design by individual and teamwork. Necessary activities will be realized by brainstorming sessions and workshops.

Dissemination activities are planned at workpackage 3. The main goal of this workpackage is to raise the awareness level about the existence of the system. Two deliveries are planned, the first uses web promotion and usage of social networks as promotion platform, as these two distribution channels are most used media by target group – prospective students. The second delivery concerns organization of events, addressing prospective students on manifestations like open days, university presentations etc.

Exploitation workpackage 4 is planned to realize sustainability conditions wit appropriate deliveries: 1) infrastructure 2) human resources 3) legal aspects.

The complete process will be supervised and final delivery will be controlled within workpackage 5. The management issues are specified in workpackage 6.

All functions are to be realized as complete web transaction (including information, form download, form filling and submission, providing pro-active responses, customized notifications and reminders) and also automated reporting and exchange of information with University Management and Ministry of Education.

Project Workpackages

WP.1 (DEV) eStudent Management System (including eEnrollment, eStudent activities, eStudent identification and accounting, eStudent services and LMS access – realized by identification, requirements analysis and design)

WP.2 (DEV) Assessment and certification – content and resources (includes eSsesement Management System; Europass CV, ECTS and Diploma Supplement; Register of eSkills & certificates – realized by identification, requirements analysis and design)

WP.3 (DISS) Dissemination (dissemination strategy, project web site, social networking channel, events, presentations to prospective students and government)

WP.4 (EXP) Sustainability (sustainability plan, equipment purchase and implementation for infrastructure sustainability, HR sustainability and budgeting, legal sustainability)

WP.5 (QPLN) Quality control (methodology with key performance indicators, monitoring of activities, quality of deliveries and dissemination)
WP.6 (MNGT) Management (planning, reporting, Board meetings, matching performance indicators)