Quality Control

Quality assurance is the goal of this workpackage. The first delivery within this workpackage is development of quality plan with methodology and identification of key performance indicators. This methodology will define how the achievement and project deliveries will be measured in an objective, quantifiable and qualitative way. It will also define how timings about reaching deadlines can be interpreted. The main goal is to define adjustment mechanisms, if obstacles occur and provoke delays, or if quality differs from expectations.

The first delivery concerns monitoring of activities by a number of progress indicators: quality of deliveries, quality of dissemination and sustainability strategies and action plans, evaluation of feedback.

The second delivery is about internal evaluation of packages. Five stakeholder levels will realize internal review: administration, professors, university management, Ministry of education, and students. This will ensure high quality of the realized system.

The last delivery concerns external quality audit, including referee reports surveys with user satisfaction and feedback analysis. Besides external evaluators we plan to realize surveys addressing student focus groups by sophisticated innovative approach – social media and other knowledge management techniques that include investigation of public opinion and opinion of government representatives.