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UKLO – University St. Clement Ohridski, Bitola, MK
Basic Data
Title: Professor
First name: Pece
Last name: Mitrevski
Name of the university: University St Clement Ohridski
Name of the department or faculty: Faculty of Technical Sciences
Address: Ivo Lola Ribar bb
Country: FYR Macedonia
Post code: 7000
Town: Bitola
Fax: +(389) 47 203370
Management activities
UKLO (University St. Clement Ohridski) is the second public University according to the number of students and departments. This University has structure with faculties distributed in different towns Prilep, Bitola and Ohrid and the proposed system for workflow and document management infrastructure is crucial to establish integrated University environment. The contact person from UKLO is Prof. Pece Mitreski.